Proactive Seasonal Inspections & Maintenance

Spring brings new beginnings and a fresh start, not only for our natural surroundings, but also for each and every rental property under the care of our property management team. Each spring, our skilled maintenance technicians proactively inspect each of our vacation rentals in order to kick off the busy summer months, problem-free.

Although it’s inevitable that maintenance requests arise throughout the year, we strive to stay ahead of anticipated needs, performing inspections and maintenance frequently with a list amounting to over forty tasks. As we care for your home and host guests from all over the world, we make sure communication is clear, concise and as frequent as necessary to ensure that we continue to earn your trust. Here, you’ll see just a few examples of the items on our spring maintenance walkthrough checklist:

Inspections & Maintenance Spring Walkthrough Highlights

  • Power wash garage and decks
  • Change out batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as garage keypads
  • Inventory kitchen items
  • Touch up scuff marks on walls
  • Clean carpets
  • Turn off heat tape
  • Check for home leaks
  • Check for faucet drips
  • Check caulking and grout in showers
  • Place out patio furniture
  • Deep clean grill

These are just a few of the many tasks we tackle to ensure a positive experience for you and your guests. For more information on property management for your Breckenridge vacation rental, get in touch with us today.